These colours don’t run

enero 11, 2014 § Deja un comentario

The Trooper

I looked up those lyrics and read them.
They’re essentially a metaphor, using a twist on the word, “run.”
You can use that word to literally mean that a color is “colorfast” – it won’t bleed its color into another color in the cloth – and you can also use it to mean that a person won’t “run” – meaning retreat from an enemy in the time of war.
That song, or poem, is about a group of protesters who come to burn the flag.
An old soldier steps up and tells them he had relatives who died in wars to protect their rights to do that – he himself was injured fighting for that very cause: to continue to live in freedom.
But then he also says he’s not going to let them show disrespect and he stands up to them…he doesn’t run.
Instead of his words and attitude creating a breakout of violence, it has the opposite effect. He subdues the crowd and they change their minds about what they came there to do.
It’s about brave men who don’t turn and “run” when there’s a good cause to stand and fight for.
I’ve never heard of this particular item before today.
This is just my interpretation of it, having just read it.

By AngelEyes




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